Are Team Group Pictures and Individual Pictures the same?

Not exactly. We only capture individual pictures of athletes who are signed up for a specific time slot/session. Online sign ups can be found HERE. Team ‘group’ pictures are typically offered during the same week, but are indeed separate. Your gym will send out schedule information. You do not have to sign up for the Team ‘group’ picture. If your child is on team, you will be pre-billed for an 8×10 Team Group picture just prior to the photo shoot. About 4 weeks after the shoot, you will be notified by the gym when your print is ready to pick up. If you would like individual pictures taken, make sure to sign up!

Is there a session fee for Individual Pictures?

The session itself is complimentary. We offer 15 minute sessions, back to back on the specific days your gym has scheduled. After your child’s session, you can view and order their pictures on site. We offer lose prints, albums and digital file collections. When offering complimentary sport portrait sessions, we ask that you are just as excited to invest in your child’s pictures as we are to capture them. This allows us to continue offering the Picture Day sessions on a complimentary basis.

Can my children take pictures with their friends and siblings?

Of course; this creates a fun and memorable experience! During the time alloted, we will capture pictures of them together and separate. Siblings should sign up for the same time slot. Friends should sign up for back to back time slots/sessions.

Do I (or another parent) have to be there?

Yes. We will have a model release for you to fill out and sign. We would also like to meet you and make sure that you have all of the information needed. If another adult will accompany your child, please let us know in advance. They should arrive with your signed model release, and be prepared to order products on your behalf -or- they should have a $100 check for your online proofing gallery. You can also pay for your online proofing gallery and download a model release ahead of time if you will not be at the session. Please email us to set that up at

What products do you offer?

We offer Lose Prints, Albums, Skill Series & Digital File Collections. To view the product collection, please click [HERE]

When will I receive my order?

Orders typically take 4 weeks to process and ship. For everyone’s convenience, we ship orders directly to you. Individual picture orders will not be available for pick up at your sports facility, unless it has been previously decided upon by your program.

How do we prepare for the photo shoot?

Arriving picture ready helps to ensure that you'll love every shot. Sport Portrait Sessions are only 15 minutes. Arriving early ensures that we are able to utilize the entire 15 minutes to capture wonderful pictures of your child. Hair should be neatly styled and pulled back, out of their face.. so we can see it :) Hands and feet should be washed. Stamps and markers should be removed, especially if your child is coming directly from class. Makeup - remember, a little goes a long way. Lip gloss, mascara and rosy cheeks look great.

How do I order pictures?

There are two convenient ways to order Sport Portraits of your children. Before their session takes place, it's helpful if you decide which option is best for you.

Same Day, On Site Ordering: This gives you the ability to see products, ask questions, and take comfort knowing that you’re ordering exactly what you want. The ordering process should take no more than 15 minutes.

Purchase an On-line Shopping Cart: Are there other decision makers who would like to see the pictures before placing an order? Purchasing an on online proofing gallery gives you two weeks to view proofs and place the perfect order. There is a $100 print commitment due at the time of your childs session. $75 goes towards your order/ $25 goes to set up the gallery for you.