Team Group Pictures take an average of 15/20 minutes per group to pose and photograph.

We can work with your team coordinator/head coach to create a schedule that maximizes their practice time and to create a breakdown of groups that work best for your competitive program: specific levels, compulsory/optional, girls team/boys team, XCEL, IGC, entire team program, etc.

It is free to the gym to have us come in and capture Team Group pictures.

In order to compensate for the time involved, we have established a 'Pre Bill' system wherein which the gym charges the team parents for an 8x10 group picture. The 'Pre Bill' system enables all team kids to be included in their team photos and receive a print, without having to figure out how to purchase it after Picture Day.

We charge $25/8x10 print. You are welcome to charge $30, turning it into a fundraiser for your team.

How this works:

* 3 weeks before Team Picture Day, the gym sends an email (we will provide a template) detailing the schedule, and the charge for their 8x10 team print.

* Parents are automatically opted in, but are welcome to opt out by calling the front desk, and have their kids still included in the picture.

* If you keep a team roster at the front desk, you can highlight opt outs when necessary. There really aren't that many.

* A day or two before Picture Day, charge your clients for their team print + tax.

* Gyms have found it easy to bill this in with their tuition, or on a specific date through their preferred system.

* Parents enjoy knowing that without having to place a separate order, they'll simply receive a team group picture.

* Gyms love not having to market the sale of team pictures after Picture Day.

* On Team Picture Day, we'll cross reference the opt outs with the attendance, and we will invoice the gym for $25/athlete that remained opted in, and showed up for pictures.

* 4 weeks after Team Picture Day, we will ship individually packaged 8x10 prints to the gym for disbursement. They are the only prints you have to pass out :)