We bring 30+ years of experience with us

and we're really proud of that.

At the heart of Capture It Sports is Owner/Photographer, Erica Hartman.
Erica has been bouncing around the gym since she was 7 years old, and hasn't really stopped. She spent 10 years training and competing for Verdugo/Golden State, and another 17 years coaching pre-school, rec, and team for Golden State & TRC.

Pairing that with a BA in Commercial Advertising Photography, 12 years of running this business, and a safety certification from USAG - she has the kind of experience that puts you, your staff, and your families in great hands.

She truly speaks your language.

Our goal is to produce Picture Day events that celebrate the culture and community you've worked so hard to build in your gym.
We create an organized and efficient schedule, take 99% of the workload off your hands, and provide an opportunity for your gymnasts to shine like celebrities.


Janaye Culton and Jennifer Weisner make up our sales and admin team. They. Are. Lovely.

One of the two will always be on hand to help parents select and orde their favorite photos after each individual session.

Janaye is also know as our retoucher extraodinaire.
Every ordered image is hand retouched by Janaye, and then polished by Erica before being sent to print.

All Team Group pictures are 'composits' that combine the best of each gymnasts smile - meaning, all kids will look their best, and all will be looking at the camera.

We really take great pride in offering an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Though we're based in Los Angeles, CA, we LOVE to travel (at no cost to you!) - so don't let distance stop you from inquiring.

To see us in action, head up to the VIDEO tab :)

See you soon!