Hi there!

I'm Erica, the heart & photographer of The Capture It Collection.

And these two beautiful little side kicks, who tend to grace my social media on the daily (another great reason to follow!) are Elizabeth Lucille & Serena Grace. They're my no-longer-crawling, always-babbling, sweet & sassy, bashful & rambunctious, non-identical, one year old twins... born just 10 days before my 40th birthday!


It's funny, the reasons why I loved photographing children before I even had them, weren't totally different than they are now, but the understanding I now have of your world, is tenfold.

In the sweetest little nutshell, I photograph kids, so that us parents have proof that they were once little.
So that we have images that bring us right back to the days we'll soon long for. I photograph families, so that our kids can feel a sense of belonging, as they grow up in a home filled with their family portraits.
And I photograph tweens, because [man-oh-man!] I needed that confidence boost too, during a time of ever changing worlds.

Aaaaand, I love it! You will too :) Family Portrait sessions empower us all to feel a bit more loved, and help us feel better connected, to the ones who make up our little worlds. .


I've come to realize that the last few decades have unfolded the way they have, so that I can be here now.. for you, and for my children.

I was a competitive gymnast and a coach for over 20 years.
Pairing that with a BA in Commercial Advertising Photogrpahy means I'm lucky enough to have a career that joins my passions for working with kids & having a positive impact on their lives + documenting all of our lives through the art of photography.

I love being able to bring my 'coaches' hat to our photoshoots, to my daily life with the twins, and to the office when I'm working with the team that cares for my clients. I've been told that my patient, easy going & confidence boosting ways have brought calm, comfort and fun to everyones session. .

So, welcome to the family. We're all happy you're here :)


Click the contact tab so that we can connect before your kiddos aren't kiddos anymore... or before your big kids are even bigger. Send a little note and let me know what you'd love to capture, so that we can start to make it happen for you.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

~ erica